Electron Beam Gun & Power Supply


ULVAC EB guns for electron beam evaporation all use magnetic field deflection, and are structured to minimize contamination from the evaporated material. A wide lineup of models is available. The EGK Series is designed for low-capacity research applications, the EGL/EGN Series is for metal film production, and the EGO/EGP Series is for optical film production.


  • EGK/EGL/EGN models are ideal for metal evaporation.
  • EGL/EGN models and EGO models are deflected 270° to eliminate filament contamination.
  • EGL/EGN models have high crucible cooling performance, and a structure that minimizes contamination.
  • EGO/EGP models have high-speed sweep and vertical incidence, ideal for use with oxide and compound evaporation.


  • Evaporation sources for electron beam evaporation