Marine Applications

Well known for the smallest footprint, the Oxymat PSA (pressure swing adsorption) is the least energy consuming marine nitrogen generator in the market. The uses of nitrogen in marine include:

  • Drying of cargo tanks
  • Inerting/purging cargo tanks
  • Cargo tanks padding
  • Purging of pipes
  • Super stripping
  • N2 storage (HP)
  • hull space inerting (cofferdams)
  • From of gas (dry dock)

PSA Marine Generators

A direct switch from e.i. Purging @95% pure nitrogen to Blanketing @ 99,9% pure nitrogen in less than 15 minutes is possible with our exclusive designs that combine the product accumulation vessel in the manifold of the product, making it an easier method to serve every need for nitrogen.

In addition to this, we also provide DRY AIR FOR VENTILATING CARGO AND DRYING HOLD SPACES.

All the components used in developing our products are from top of the line sub-suppliers that include, Siemens, Dräger, Rittal, Danfoss, Donaldson and ASKO. This results in high-end quality product.

Only after approval from large classification societies, that include, ABS, BV, CCS, DNV-GL, LR, NK, RINA; we deliver our units.

In accordance with international standards the management systems at Oxymat operates. International standards include:

ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems)
ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems)
ISO 18001 (OHSAS)
Certified by Apragaz
Oxymat PSA Marine generators ensure energy savings within few minutes of installation. Other benefits include:

Least power consumption on the market
Least foot print
Technology is proven
Operations are flexible (purity)

Learn more about our nitrogen PSA generators for marine here
Main Marine Application Areas:

Chemical Carriers – Inerting, purging, discharging and padding by 50ppm to 5% oxygen
LPG Carriers – Sensible cargos contamination is prevented by high purity N2
LNG Carriers – Membrane surrounding the cargo tank is interted
Oil Tankers – Padding, inerting and super stripping by 50ppm to 5%
Research Vessels – Aviation fuel tanks are padded
Supply Vessels – Fuel tanks are padded. HP cylinder filling station in small units
Live Fish Carriers – Delicing and transportation of live fish through oxygen generators