Auto 306 Lab Coater

Versatility for the researcher and the electron microscopist

Auto 306 R&D coating system with borosilicate glass vacuum chamber
The HHV range of thin film deposition systems is designed for research, development and pre-production applications in all branches of science and industry. Modular system design provides an easy upgrade route, allowing the researcher to keep pace with new process technologies as they develop.
Using a high quality vacuum system and a sophisticated range of well engineered, modular deposition accessories developed in close collaboration with users, the Auto 306 has proven to be a versatile and capable research tool.
A choice of vacuum pumps
We offer a wide range of clean, fast vacuum pumping systems. All pump versions are backed by an 12 m3h-1 2-stage direct drive rotary pump with an oil mist filter fitted to the pump output. An activated alumina foreline trap prevents backstreaming. Fluoroelastomer seals, low outgassing materials and special welding methods make a major contribution to contamination free conditions.
Diffusion pump with liquid nitrogen trap
The most economical system is the Auto 306 with 600 l s-1 diffusion pump and liquid nitrogen trap. A water-cooled jacket above the diffusion pump together with intelligent high vacuum valve control prevents migration of diffusion pump oil vapor into the chamber.
Turbomolecular pump with liquid nitrogen trap
The 500 l s-1 turbomolecular pumped version provides the advantages of turbo pumping with improved vacuum pumping performance for condensable vapors.
Automatic vacuum system
The Auto 306 PLC vacuum controller provides easy pump down without operator errors. Even inexperienced users will be able to operate the system confidently. Pump down times are automatically kept to a minimum, saving process time. Fully reproducible parameters give consistent deposition conditions. A digital display provides vacuum and system status information.
Intelligent high vacuum control
The Auto 306 is designed to maintain clean high vacuum conditions and to protect substrates from contamination at all times. An ‘intelligent’ high vacuum valve opening sequence ensures a gradual equalization of the different vacuum pressures in the chamber and below the valve during the pump down cycle.
Once the chamber has been rough pumped, the PLC controller slowly opens the high vacuum valve. If the backing pressure rises above minimum limits then the valve is closed again. Once the backing vacuum has recovered, the high vacuum valve is again opened. This cycle is repeated until the valve is fully open. This process is especially effective for Auto 306 diffusion pumped systems. The intelligent valve opening sequence prevents the diffusion pump stalling and therefore eliminates one of the major causes of vacuum contamination.
To further protect the vacuum environment and substrate from oil contamination, an internal 12 volt battery closes the high vacuum valve in the
event of an electrical supply failure.
Safety interlocks
To ensure operator safety a comprehensive interlock system prevents the electron beam source from being operated if an unsafe condition exists. Operation is disabled unless all Auto 306 doors and covers are closed and there is a maximum pressure of 1 x 10-4 mbar in the chamber.