Helium Flow Cryostats

The majority of our vacuum shrouds attach to the cryostat via a double o-ring which allows for rotation of the sample with respect to the vacuum shroud. Most customers find this useful as it allows them to rotate the sample in a magnetic field or allow for glancing angles for optical experiments. Our systems can also interface with ISO flanges or CF flanges if desired.

These cryostats are sometimes referred to as ‘helium-free.’ A more accurate term would be ‘liquid helium free,’ since they do use helium gas, in a closed loop. This efficient recycling of the helium gas means that typically you will only need to add helium once every few years. 


The backbone of low vibration cryogenic research

Atomic resolution is achieved through a series of heat exchangers

Coaxial shield flow transfer line ensures liquid at the tip

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The flow cryostat of choice for optical microscopy

Continuously adjustable sample height from 0 to 3 mm

Stainless steel construction for high vacuum

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All-purpose, low cost flow cryostat

Maintains the high cooling power of the LT3

UHV option available


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Designed to work for EPR, ESR, and NMR applications

Fast sample change

Sample tube receiver allows for liquid, powder or bulk samples

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