Cooled Incubator XBR

XBR Cooling Incubators are well-suited for maintaining products at lower temperatures. They are an ideal choice for applications relating to biology and microbiology medical laboratories and also in industries involving quality control.

Temperature range : from 0°C up to 60°C

A high performance oven for your demanding processes. 
Stainless steel is known for its non-corrosive properties and hence the inner casing of the incubators are made up of brightly polished stainless steel and is thickly insulated to reduce energy consumption. The outer casing is made of electro galvanized steel which is coated with white and blue paints.


Cleaning the incubator becomes easier due to the rounded corners of the inner casing. While the door is opened, water floor is prevented by a ledge.

For passing of cables or probes, a 20 mm Ø entry port is centered on the left side. When not in use, or to make the entry port airtight after passing cables, the silicone cork is used.

To save space, the bottom part of the cooling incubator is equipped with a cooling unit which comprises of a condenser and compressor.

Really efficient ventilation, heating and cooling !

Excellent temperature homogeneity and is ensured by the two fans placed behind the cooling incubator for ventilation.

Heating elements placed in the airflow provides heating.

The cooling unit comprises of the condenser and compressor which is positioned at the foot of the incubator and powers the evaporator which allows the temperature to cool down.

Accurate and efficient temperature control 

The electronic controller PID operates the temperature control through a PT100 probe located in the air flow. It has digital display.

Secure work

The safety in terms of temperature in maintained by cutting off heat in the event of over heating and supporting control in the event of main control system failure. This is done by the adjustable and independent safety thermostat (protection class 3.1) having a visual and sound alarm.


2 shelves made of Chrome steel is delivered song with the cooling incubators.

Convenient loading/unloading is possible through its many available positions.

30kg is the capacity of each shelf. An anti-tilting system is present in the guide bars.

Note : 60kg capacity shelves are also available as accessories.