The MB-SPS-800 can be configured up to 7 solvents and is designed specifically for laboratories that need a safe, fast and easy method for dispensing ultra dry solvents. Unique features include glovebox integration ready piping, integrated vapor hood with 4 inch ventilation exhaust port, double column filtration, 17 liter solvent reservoir and independent regulators for each solvent line. The MB SPS 800 also offers unlimited customization options through a fully staffed engineering department. Whether you need a bench-top designed solvent purifier or a solvent purifier integrated into a fume hood, MBRAUN can meet any design requirements.

In addition MBRAUN SPS systems can integrate seamlessly with third party solvent providers such as Sigma Aldrich®, FisherPaks®and JT Baker®. All Solvent purification systems can be designed and configured to meet your specific application needs.


  • Purifies up to 800 liters of solvent before replacing columns (depends on solvent)
  • Double valve shutoff
  • Swagelok quick connects
  • Kevlar dip tube and fill port
  • Over pressure valve
  • Ready to operate completely encapsulated system
  • Each solvent line includes an independent regulator
  • No cross contamination of solvent vapor


Please note: Specification may vary depending on configuration.

  • Type: encapsulated solvent purification system
  • External dimensions: (5 sps ) 1300 mm (w) x 2032 mm (h) x 1070 mm (d)
    (7 sps) 1650 mm (w) x 2032 mm (h) x 1070 mm (d)
  • System control: manual
  • Operation: hand valves dispense solvent
  • Material: stainless steel (1.4301 / us 304)
  • Leveling feet: yes
  • Manifold: stainless steel piping w/ three way hand valve
  • Work shelf: adjustable stainless steel
  • Castors: yes
  • Vacuum pump: oil free diaphragm pump
  • Solvent flow rate: <1,000 ml / minute
  • Electrical power: 230v / 50-60hz, 10 amps, 115v / 50-60 hz, 15 amps
  • Safety cabinet: yes cabinets available for 2, 5 and 7 solvent systems
  • Vapor removal: vapor removal with 4″ connection & emergency cut-off valve
  • Process: closed loop system
  • Dispensing: from the sps system
  • Working gas: nitrogen or argon (typically a nitrogen source of 99.99% purity or better)
  • Solvent regulation: independent regulator for each solvent
  • Solvent line material: color coded stainless steel line (1.4301 / us 304)
  • Inlet pressure: inlet pressure set between 4.0 bar and 6.0 bar
  • Working pressure: working pressure set between 0.3 bar and 0.5 bar
  • Filter type: double column solvent filtration
  • Filter column: two stainless steel columns per solvent (1.4301 / us 304)
  • Filter column size: 4.8l (1 gallon)
  • Particle filtration: filter columns equipped w/ pre-filters
  • Filter material:depends on solvent type
  • Filter column capacity: up to 800l
  • Filter column activation: columns activated before shipment
  • Attainable purity: attainable purity varies according to solvent type
  • Material: stainless steel reservoir (1.4301 / us 304)
  • Capacity: 17l (optional sizes available)
  • Piping: stainless steel 1/4″ piping w/ swagelok fittings & 1/4″